3 best practices to absolutely know when using PBScloud.io

1. Avoid using pbscloud.io AND the cloud provider’s interface in the same time

PBScloud.io is designed to manage the lifecycle of your deployment in the cloud. Consequently, using directly the cloud provider’s interface to do something (like stopping, removing, changing the IP address, etc…) manually, will create inconsistency inside PBScloud.io and broke the appliance. This inconsistency will require a support intervention to clean PBScloud.io internal model. Using your Cloud’s console, for managing appliances deployed by PBScloud.io, will be only recommend when the support team provides you instructions.

2. Stop != (not equal) Pause -> Save your data before stopping

In the interface, you can stop your running appliance. This action will stop the appliance in your cloud provider and remove all local storage. The appliance will remain, so you can re-start later. But the restart will be a completely redeployment of the appliance. If you have something to keep in mind, the stop button is not a pause button. So, before to stop an appliance, think to save your data through PBS Access or by any other tools. FYI: Pause feature and permanent storage features are coming soon.

3. Check your notification center as much as needed

The notification center presents all information about your workflows. There is plenty of information on it. Do not hesitate to consult frequently the notification center, to get information about your deployment process. In case of issue during the deployment, information provided in the notification center will be very useful for you and the support team to fix the problem.