Cloning, Editing and Publishing Models in

Cloning a Model

The fastest and most efficient way to get started with creating your model is to clone a model and edit it to add your applications. For example, if you start with the PBS Works 13.0 model, the HPC middleware is already set for you and you can focus entirely on adding your application.

To clone a model

  1. Open the Model page.
  2. In the list of available models, locate the model you want to clone.
  3. In the Actions column, click the Clone model button

Editing a Model

To edit a model

  1. Open the Model page.
  2. In the list of available models, locate the model you want to edit.
  3. Click the name of the model The model will be opened in the model editor page.
  4. In the model editor page, click a node to edit its parameters. You can change these node type parameters.
    1. NodeType Name : Provide a name for the node in the model.
    2. Order of Deployment : When an appliance is deployed, the main components on which other components are dependent should be installed first. For example, the server components on the head node have to be installed first so that the agent components can communicate with the server. Hence, the head node is always given an order of deployment value of 1 and compute node is given the order of deployment value of 2.
    3. Scalability : This specifies the lowest and highest number of nodes that is allowed for this node type.
    4. Node Types : The four Compute Node types that are available are:PBS Explicit Node, Implicit Node, Head Node and Graphical Node. To change the node type, click the node type name in diagram and select the desired node type from the drop down menu.

Adding Applications

To add an application:

  1. In the model editor page click Applications
  2. Drag and drop the application from the list onto the node

The Base System Application

This defines the disk space to be allocated for the operating system and default users to be added to the system. This application has to be added to every node type that is added in the model.

Editing Component Parameters

You can select a component in a model and edit its values. If you leave the component parameters blank and unlocked, the values have to be provided by the user while deploying the appliance. You can also set default values for component parameters at three different levels.

Linking Components

To establish a relationship between two components, link the components by drawing a line between them. Click the green handle of a component and drag to the green handle of the target component. For example, the NFS Server and NFS Agent should be linked to establish a connection. HyperWorks and Solver applications should be linked to PBS Pro Server.

Saving, Publishing and Unpublishing a Model

Once you have finished editing the model, click Save to store the model information. To make the model available for deployment click Publish. Your model will be validated and any errors will be displayed before publishing.

To edit a model, it has to be Unpublished. To unpublish a model, there must not be any appliances using the model.

You can use the action buttons in the Model page to publish, unpublish and delete a model.