Registering a Google Compute Platform within


This document will show you how to create an Google Compute Platform (GCP) account and to register as a cloud account within After you will be able to deploy HPC appliance within your GCP account.


  • Login credentials for GCP account
    • An already created project dedicated for deployment
  • Login credentials for account


This How to will provide two outputs:

  • A JSON file with all information necessary to create your GCP account into
  • A GCP cloud account up and running on

Step-by-Step Instructions

Part One: Go to the IAM section

  1. Login in with your credentials
  2. Select the project where you want to deploy appliance
  3. Go to the “IAM & administration” section

Part Two: Create a service account

  1. Go to the “service account” section
  2. Click on “create a service account” on the top bar
  3. Enter a significative name (for example: pbscloud)
  4. Select a role
  5. Role section -> Administrator role
  6. Create the service account

*Part Three: Authorize you service account”

  1. Select the new service account
  2. Click on Autorization on the top bar
  3. In the “Add member”, type and select the name of our service account
  4. Select a editor role

Part Four: Create a secret key

  1. Back to the service account list, select your service account
  2. Click on the 3 dots and select Create a Key
  3. Choose the JSON format
  4. Save the JSON file into your local disk

Part Five: Create your account in GCP

  1. Connect into
  2. Go to the Infrastructure / Cloud section
  3. Create a new GCP cloud account
  4. Fill fields requested with information coming from the JSON file.
  5. Save it.


We recommend to review your quotas in the GCP interface to set up your highest consumption limit properly.

About your credentials needs credentials with Administrative’s rights to perform the different actions that are necessary.