AWS Account


This document will show you how to create an AWS account and register it into After you will be able to deploy HPC appliance into your AWS account.


The process is quite easy, please find below the overall process:

  1. Connect to your AWS account
  2. Go to the IAM section
  3. Create a new user dedicated to
  4. For a programmatic access
  5. With administrator rights
  6. Get the Access ID and Secret ID
  7. Go to on the cloud section
  8. Create a new AWS account with the previously created AWS credentials



Quota management

If it’s your first usage of AWS, we will recommend you to adjust your quota on AWS, to be sure that you can deploy as much instance that you need.

About your credentials needs credentials with Administrative’s rights to perform the different actions that are necessary.

We know that your credentials are precious, that why we will store it in the most secured ways.