Registering an AWS IAM Account within




This document will show you how to create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Identity and Access Management (IAM) user and to register as a cloud account within After you will be able to deploy HPC appliance within your AWS account.


  • Login credentials for root AWS account
  • Login credentials for

Step-by-Step Instructions

Part One: To create and define an AWS IAM user

  1. Login in your AWS account
  2. Click on the Console Home icon in upper left corner
  3. With in the AWS service text box, enter: IAM and press enter or Under Security, Identity & Compliance, select IAM
  4. On the left side, click on Users
  5. Click on the Add user box
  6. On the Add User page, under the Set user details section, in the User name text box, enter the new user name (i.e pbscloud_user)
  7. Within the Select AWS access type section, for the Access type, check Programmatic access box
  8. Click Next: Permissions box

Part Two: To create and assign role to an AWS IAM group

  1. On the Add user page, click Create group
  2. In the Group name text box, enter:
  3. Under the Policy name, search and click on administratorAccess
  4. Click on the Create group box
  5. Back on Add user page verify that the new group is listed under Group
  6. Click on Next: Review box
  7. Verify User name and AWS access type are correct
  8. Verify user under the group listed in Permissions summary
  9. Click Create user box

Part Three: Obtaining the Access ID and Secret Key

  1. Click on Download .csv
  2. Copy this information to secured file to be used later
  3. Click on the Secret id and copy this key to a secured file to be used later
  4. Click Close box
  5. The new user account will now appear on the next page

Part Four: Creating a cloud account within

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to website
  2. Enter your Username
    • minimum length of six characters
  3. Enter your Password
    • must contain at least one digit
  4. Click Sign In box
  5. On the upper pull down menu, select Infrastructure and select Cloud
  6. Within the Infrastructure/Cloud Accounts page, click on Add Account on the far right
  7. Within the popup window, select the following:
    • Provider, select Amazon Web Services
    • Account name, enter ‘enter the AWS usernamea i.e. pbscloud_user’
    • Access Key ID, enter ‘enter the key taken from the download .csv file’
    • Secret Access Key enter ‘enter the secret key that as saved from creating a new AWS user’
  8. Verify all the information is correct, then click Create account
  9. If then account has been properly created it will appear in the Infrastructure/Cloud Accounts page listed under Account Name column


AWS quota management

We recommend that you review each of your AWS region’s quota criteria to ensure that it can deploy the proper AWS instances.

About your credentials needs credentials with Administrative’s rights to perform the different actions that are necessary.