Adding and managing users within


This document will show you how to create a user and assign its application role with in


  • We recommend reviewing the Role and Rights document before creating a user for a better understanding of each of the different roles

Create a user

Step-by-Step Instructions

Part One: Login into

  1. Login to the portal website, using
  2. Upper right corner, click on the gear icon, and select Users

Part Two: Required Basic Information

  1. In the Username text box, enter the username that will you want to create
    • minimum length of six characters
  2. In the Password text box, enter the password for that user
    • must contain at least one digit
  3. In the E-mail text box, enter a valid email address of that user

Part Three: Assigning user’s role types

  1. The user maybe assigned to one or many roles within the General roles section
    • Launcher - ability to create, launch, and manage multiple appliances
    • Admin - granted administrator rights within
    • Architect - ability to define different types of models
    • Infrastructure - ability to manage cloud infrastructure and bare-metal resources

Part Four: Assigning which appliances as a viewer or manager

  1. In the Roles on appliances section, you may assign this user as a viewer or manager to each of the existing Appliances Name that are listed in the table below:
    • Viewer - ability to access to monitoring and statical information of that appliance
    • Manager - ability to control the appliance (start, stop, remove)

Part Five: Verify all the information is correct

  1. If all the information is correct for this new user, then click Add User
  2. If successfully created the user, it will be shown within the Users page


As new appliances are being created, you will have to manually update each user’s Roles on appliances and its General roles