Adding and managing users within


Learn how to create a user and assign a role to a user.


  • We recommend reviewing the Role and Rights topic before creating a user for a better understanding of each of the different roles

Create a user

Adding Users and Assigning Roles

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to
  2. Login with your credentials.
  3. Click settings ( settings icon ) and select Users.
  4. Click Add User.
  5. In the Username field enter the username (minimum length of six characters).
  6. In the Password field enter the password for the user (must contain at least one digit).
  7. In the E-mail text box, enter a valid email address of the user.
  8. Choose one or more roles for the user by enabling the checkbox next to the role in the General roles section.
    • Admin - granted administrator rights within
    • Launcher - can create, launch, and manage multiple appliances.
    • Architect - can define different types of models.
    • Infrastructure - can manage cloud infrastructure and bare-metal resources.
  9. In the Roles on appliances section, you may assign the user as a viewer or manager to each of the appliances that are listed.
    • viewer - can access monitoring and statistical information of the appliance.
    • manager - can control the appliance (start, stop, remove).
  10. Click Add User. The user will be displayed in the Users page.