Getting started with


Get started with with these step by step tutorials. Create a cloud provider user account and deploy a appliance.


  • A cloud provider account from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Compute Platform.
  • A web standards compliant browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Part 1: Configuring Your Cloud Provider for

A third party cloud service provider is necessary to run applications in the cloud using supports Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Platform.

Before you can use to launch an appliance in the cloud using one of the supported third-party cloud providers, you must register the cloud account in The steps for achieving this are dependent on the your cloud provider:

Note: When you run an application, pbscloudio authenticates this account within the cloud provider.

Part 2: Adding a User

To create and manage an appliance, a user must first be added to Users can be assigned specific right or roles. Based on the roles assigned to them, users are able to view, monitor, start, stop or terminate appliances. These accounts are independent of the cloud service provider accounts.

Part 3: Deploying an Appliance contains predefined appliances you can deploy in the cloud. You can select an appliance and the appropriate node configuration within the cloud provider.