How to manage a domain default values


Within site administrators can set predefined custom keys that can used within their model/appliances. Using these keys can help create appliances with consistent values and can be reused multiple times in other appliances. One way of looking at keys are like environment variables.



Step-by-Step Instructions

Part One: Login into

  1. Login to the portal website, using
  2. Upper right corner, click on the gear icon, and select Defaults

Part Two: Adding a new key

  1. In the upper right corner, click Add
  2. On the bottom, a new blank line will appear
  3. click on the first column under Key
  4. Type in the name of the key
  5. Next you will need to enter the value of this key under the Value column
  6. Once you have entered everything correctly, click on Save in the upper right corner

Part Three: Delete an key

  1. You can delete a key by clicking on the trash can icon on the row that you want to remove

Part Four: To modify an existing key or value

  1. You can modify either the key or value by clicking within that field
  2. you will need click on Save to accept the changes