Setting Default Values for Model Components in

Setting Default Component Values

You specify default values for the parameters of any component at three different levels.

  1. Application Level
  2. Model Level
  3. All Deployments

Application Level Defaults

You can embed default values in the application definitions. For example, the PBS user for SSH authentication on PBS Pro Server is set to pbsuser. To specify this default value

  1. Open Resources > Applications
  2. Select PBS Pro Server 13.0 from the Application list
  3. In the schema, enter the default value as pbsuser Now, whenever PBS Pro Server application is added, the default PBS user will be pbsuser.

Model Level Defaults

To specify the default value at the model level,

  1. In the model editor page, click the component box.
  2. In the parameters field, you can set the default by using the lock option.
    • If the field is blank and the lock is open, the value has to be specified by the user while deploying the appliance.
    • If the field is filled and the lock is open, the value will be displayed to user as the default value. The user can change the value before deploying the appliance.
    • If the field is filled and locked, the value will set at the model level and the field will not be shown to the user before deployment.

Defaults for all Deployments.

To set defaults for all deployments,

  1. Open settings > Defaults
  2. Specify the key and value pair. For example, the license server, the path to the storage location in the cloud server.